The Christmas Story


A musical version of the traditional Nativity for your own performance, especially written for nursery children and young children with special needs – CD & DVD


The Christmas Story is a new musical version of the traditional Nativity, written especially for children with special needs by Fishy Music’s Trevor and Karina Stevens.

The Christmas Story follows the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem where they meet shepherds and soldiers, angels and wise men, building up a wonderful tableau of the Bible narrative. Narrated by your own storyteller, even the youngest of children can be guided through the parts and the event can be staged quite easily with a small cast.

The Pack provides:

  • an Audio CD of all the songs, both with and without vocal tracks and an instrumental overture
  • a DVD showing all the signs for the songs demonstrated by two expert signers
  • a Producer’s Book containing the script, the music with melody and guitar chords, enlarged words for OHPs and a set of tried and tested Rehearsal and Performance Notes
  • a Performing Licence
  • access to Electronic Downloads including a PowerPoint version of all the words for the songs and colour Symbols for the words and concepts (Writing for Symbols format)

* * POWERPOINT * * file for projectors and SmartBoards:

Email us here with a request for the PowerPoint and we will send it straight to you as an attachment.

The Christmas Story includes seven catchy new songs, complete with signs.

Listen to some samples . . .

Mary you will soon have a baby
Tap Tap Tap
Goodbye Mary
Knock Knock, who’s there?
Jesus is sleeping
Following a star
Happy Christmas everybody

CLICK HERE to hear a live performance of “Happy Christmas Everybody

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What do teachers say about The Christmas Story?

The musical arrangements were superb and it was a delight to see how the music inspired the children to take part in such an enjoyable and enthusiastic fashion
John Byrne, Headteacher, Brookfields School, Reading

Its wonderful to hear the whole school humming and singing the catchy tunes
Brandon Mills, Deputy Head, Reading

” The Christmas Story was the easiest primary performance I have ever managed. The children loved the catchy music and the simple signing made it accessible to everyone. The demonstration CD was a fantastic resource “
Tracey Moulton, Teacher, Billing Brook School, Northampton

” We used The Christmas Story in December for our special school. It was fabulous and turned out to be a big hit “
Toni Edmonds-Smith, Teacher, Strathmore School, Surrey

” Although we did this as a musical, the children have learnt so many other skills – the signs, the tunes, taking turns, remembering what comes next. Its a very good fun way of learning them “
Kate Kinsey, Teacher, Paternoster School, Cirencester

” We are really enjoying learning these songs. “Tap, Tap, Tap” is a favourite and being a special school, the children love watching and copying the signing ”
Carole Scholes, Music Teacher, Foxwood Foundation School, Nottingham

” The enthusiasm with which the children sang the songs was wonderful to watch. The Christmas Story was a lovely show and the obvious delight and excitement of the children in performing it perfectly captured the magical time of Christmas “
Nicola Beale, Parent, St Michaels School, Abingdon

” The two performances of the Christmas Story were both wonderful. Your music gives so much enjoyment to everyone “
Lorraine Aston, KS Head

” We performed The Christmas Story at our kindergarten in Novosibirsk in eastern Russia. The songs were simple and repetitive enough for the children to learn the English quickly and the script was very appropriate for our young learners. We loved doing it and are planning to make it an annual treat! “
Oxana Phillips, Kindergarten Teacher, Novosibirsk, Russia

"Shepherds at Brookfields"
“Shepherds at Brookfields”

“Wise Men in Russia”

“Mary and Joseph at Brookfields”

“Mary and Joseph in Russia”

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