And So To Sleep


One continuous track of instrumental music to gently lull you into restful sleep


One continuous track of 40 minutes of gentle lullabies to lull you into restful sleep.

Produced as a single track, the whole CD is underlaid with the pulse of a gentle heartbeat. The base track (a music box) is recorded in two 18-minute sections, beginning quietly and then introducing the strings, pipe and seashore waves early on while you are still aroused. After a little while the texture slowly fades to take you down to a more restful state and induce sleep.

Halfway through, the CD fades to just the heartbeat but for those who are still awake, there is a second chance! The CD gently rises again, strings and pipe returning to capture your attention, mask out your thoughts and once more attempt to take you down to a deeper sleep phase. Finally the music box is overlaid with a chiming clock and the whole soundscape is replaced with a heartbeat slowly fading into silence.

AND SO TO SLEEP . . and may you never hear the chiming clock!

An excellent resource for encouraging children to go to sleep
Flo Longhorn
Educational Consultant and Author reviewed in Information Exchange, Winter 2004

“This innovative CD is unique – it has been carefully constructed to mimic the winding-down process of falling asleep. I recommend it to families who are wanting to soothe their children during the pre-sleep period”
Dr Luci Wiggs
Author and Sleep Researcher, Oxford

“We put the CD on at bedtime for my 2-year-old son and he soon fell into a wonderful, restful sleep. Thank you so much for such beautiful, hypnotic music to fall asleep to!”
Sue Larter, Hull, Yorkshire

“The CD was invaluable when babysitting for our one-year-old grandaughter the other night – worked like a charm!”
Mary Haggett, Parent, Luton

“AND SO TO SLEEP has helped us establish a good bedtime routine and acts as a clear signal to my toddler that it is time to sleep. He enjoys the familiarity of it”
Hannah Mooring, Bedfordshire

“The CD is amazing. The heartbeat subtly lulls you into sleep – a really deep sleep. This has made a tremendous change to our lives. Many thanks for developing this ‘miracle’ CD”
Kathy Kimpton, Bangkok, Thailand

“Thank you for your quick delivery of AND SO TO SLEEP. It worked a treat this afternoon!”
Alison Riseley, Abingdon

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