” We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord ” (Psalm 78:4)


Fishy Music is a not-for-profit Christian music ministry and digital recording studio based in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside.

Fishy Music have made CDs to help children fall asleep naturally (And so to sleep) and to support people coping with grief (Hearing God in times of loss) but the main focus is to produce CDs with accompanying manuals for collective worship in schools (. . five minutes with God, five days of the week). The first of these projects is Five Little Fingers. Second in the series, Five Christmas Visitors, provides collective worship for the Christmas season and the third project, Five Funny Feelings, links into the emotional literacy strategy. Fishy Music also make bible story CDs (Mr Noah and the Ark, The Story of Creation) and complete packages to put on your own Christmas performance (The Christmas Story, Wise Men Three). Fishy Music CDs are now in use in schools and churches from Aberdeen to Penzance and from Belfast to Southampton.

Our Vision

Founded on the belief that children of any age or ability can be actively involved in worship, our vision is to bring . . .

  • good news to children
  • good music to families
  • good resources to teachers

About the FISH

The FISH has been used as a symbol by Christians since the first century.  Early believers were persecuted so they looked for a secret sign that was easy to draw to mark their meeting place. They adopted the FISH because when Jesus called the first disciples who were fishermen, he said 

. . . and I will make you fishers of men (Mark 1:17)

The FISH is also an acronym for what christians believe. The Greek word for fish is ikqus (ICTHUS) and its letters stand for . . .

I – Jesus
C – Christ
Th – God’s
U – Son
S – Saviour