Five Little Fingers


‘ . . five minutes with God, five days of the week . . ‘ Daily Collective Worship for the classroom


Five Little Fingers is an audio CD of original material designed to bring collective Christian worship into the classroom on a daily basis ( . . five minutes with God, five days of the week )

The CD consists of five 5-minute tracks, each containing a simple theme song (Five Little Fingers), a daily meditation and a repeated prayer. Each finger of the hand represents one of the five school days and with this simple mnemonic, children are helped to think about different people groups such as family, teachers, friends on different days of the week.

Five Little Fingers was written by Trevor and Karina Stevens of Fishy Music Productions in direct response to a request from special school staff who needed help with a daily act of worship. It was developed for children in pre-school, reception and Key Stage One but would also be suitable for older children with special needs.

Founded on the belief that children of any age or ability can be actively involved in worship, the CD offers something for everyone: from holding up one finger, copying simple signs or quiet meditation to singing and repeating spoken prayers. All that staff need to do is gather the children together, put on the CD at the beginning or end of the day and let the instructions guide the children through the different elements.

  • Track 1: Monday My family
  • Track 2: Tuesday My helpers
  • Track 3: Wednesday My leaders
  • Track 4: Thursday My friends
  • Track 5: Friday Myself

There is also an accompanying set of User Notes entitled FingerTIPS giving detailed suggestions of extension activities and ways of using the CD involving the five senses.

What do teachers say about Five Little Fingers ?

” Five Little Fingers is a very effective assembly routine “
Ofsted, 2004

” This CD is perfect for an act of worship in school. It is very meaningful, because of the set repetitive pattern for each day.”
Flo Longhorn, Author and Educational Consultant

” Staff have given a very positive feedback to the programme and all classes use it at some time during each day “
Isabel Barnard, Croftcroighn School, Glasgow

” Five Little Fingers is perfect for younger children and KS1/early KS2. I think its great to find something at the right level to help us with assembly times. Thank you so much for producing such a wonderful CD ”
Lisa Brown, SLD Teacher, N.Ireland

” We carry out collective worship every day after lunch and find it very calming for the children. They all know this routine now and sit throughout the track “
Sarah Bull, Reception Teacher, Reading

” I recently received another copy of Five Little Fingers. It’s a joy to have it again in class. Many thanks.”
Paula Rosborough, Sandelford School, Co Londonderry

” We use Five Little Fingers on a regular basis and the children love it.”
Jane Fraser, SLD Teacher, Inverurie

” Five Little Fingers is tremendous. Children on the autistic spectrum in my class listen and respond with great enthusiasm. Its a very important start to our school day and we have used it every day for more than a year.”
Janie Tregaskes, Royal London Society for the Blind

” A good quality CD, well sung with a clear voice and some good suggestions in the accompanying book . . . the simple repetitive format makes it easily accessible for younger children.”
Andrew Hornsby, Holton-le-Clay Junior School, Grimsby

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