Five Christmas Visitors


‘ . . five minutes with God, five days of the week . . ‘ Collective Worship for the Christmas Season


FIVE CHRISTMAS VISITORS, a sequel to Five Little Fingers, is an audio CD of original material designed to bring collective Christian Worship into the classroom on a daily basis ( . . five minutes with God, five days of the week).

The CD consists of five 5-minute tracks, one for each day of the week, each containing two simple songs, a daily meditation and a repeated prayer. FIVE CHRISTMAS VISITORS could ideally be used in the weeks leading up to Christmas as a classroom preparation for the festival.

FIVE CHRISTMAS VISITORS was written by Trevor and Karina Stevens of Fishy Music Productions for children in pre-school, reception and Key Stage One but would also be suitable for older children with special needs. It aims to support busy teachers by providing short instant lessons involving minimum preparation.

Founded on the belief that children of any age or ability can be actively involved in worship, the CD offers something for everyone: from copying simple signs or quiet meditation to singing and repeating spoken prayers. All you need to do is gather the children together, put on the CD at the beginning or end of the day and let the instructions guide the children through the different elements.

The tracks on the CD are:

  1. Monday Angel : pray for friends who send us messages
  2. Tuesday Shepherd : pray for the poor
  3. Wednesday Wise Man : pray for family who give us presents
  4. Thursday Innkeeper : pray for the homeless
  5. Friday Myself : pray for me

There is also an accompanying set of User Notes entitled “ChristmasTIPS” containing ideas for the classroom, the music in manuscript form with guitar chords and five Worksheets of bold line drawings of the FIVE CHRISTMAS VISITORS.

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What do teachers say about FIVE CHRISTMAS VISITORS ?

” We use Fishy Music materials on a daily basis to the evident enjoyment of our pupils. We used the Five Christmas Visitors CD for the last two weeks of the Christmas term instead of Five Funny Feelings. The CDs are an invaluable resource”
Nigel Sullivan, Teacher, RNIB Rushton School

” Great production – the children enjoyed it straight away”
Michael Jones, PMLD Teacher KS2, Henley

” We’ve used Five Little Fingers for assembly and now we’re using Five Christmas Visitors at Christmas. I think that makes us official Fishy Fans!”
Kate Kinsey, Teacher, Paternoster School, Cirencester

” The ‘Knock Knock’ song was great – we used instruments to accompany it”
Jane Fraser, SLD Teacher, Inverurie

” It has a calming effect on the children and the manual was well illustrated too”
Dave Quinnell, SLD Teacher, Reading

Listen to Monday: ANGEL Can’t hear any sound? click here