Mr Noah and the Ark


A story CD with songs and musical accompaniment by Captain Mark and his Salvation Band


The well-loved story of Mr Noah and the Ark is retold here by master storyteller Michael Jones. With vivid sound effects and background music the story is brought to life and is sure to enchant pre-school, infant and primary children.

The story is interspersed with songs by Captain Mark and his Salvation Band with vocals by resident songster Carol Zinger. The music uses the sounds of trumpets and tuba, pipes and drums to recreate the exciting sound of the marching band.

  • Track 1: Mr Noah built an Ark (song)
  • Track 2: Noah story part 1
  • Track 3: The animals went in two by two (song)
  • Track 4: Noah story part 2
  • Track 5: The promise (musical finale)

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Captain Mark’s Band features:

Phil Wyndlass on Flute
Melody Dubbles on Piccolo
Scott Reid on Oboe
Cyrius Player on Panpipes
Willie Blowett on 1st Trumpet
Kenny Blowett on 2nd Trumpet
Jess Pullit on Trombone
Luke Spigger on Tuba
Paul Bellowes on Accordion
Isabel Handy on Glockenspiel
Tom Fills on Percussion

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What do teachers say about Mr Noah and the Ark?

” Just right for our little ones!! Thank you. ”
Lindsey Tilbrook, Rascals Playgroup, Littlehampton

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